Dilumatic Pipettic - Geers industrial efficiency
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Dilumatic M2

GLT Labortechnik startet in 1993 with the Dilumat.

A device to add liquids for microbiological examination in laboratories. In particular, the food industry, as well soil examinations.


Later on came the Dilumatic M2.
A versatile machine that can : diluted, Metering, Weighing, Filling and Dispensing with a pipette. It also can dispense a several liquids. We will continue with this and are developing a new version.


Starting points: Flexible, Touchscreen, Online Support, User friendly.

Dilumatic M2


A versatile computer-controlled laboratory appliance that dilutes, meters, weighs, fills and dispenses with a pipette. While the original Dilumat was solely an automatic dilution device, the DILUMATIC M2 is a much more versatile automatic laboratory appliance. The DILUMATIC M2 not only makes it possible to make dilutions, accurate to the last drop, it can also meter, weigh manually and serially fill and automatically dispense with a pipette. As far as weighing and metering are concerned, both versions are identical in quality and technology.


Previously, samples required for qualitative and quantitative microbiological analysis had to be manually diluted. This way of working is very time-consuming and the possibility of error is always present. The DILUMATIC-M2 weighs an arbitrary quantity of sample material, calculates the final weight using a pre-determined factor, and the pump delivers the resulting quantity of diluting fluid in a sterile manner accurately to the last drop. This method is extremely fast and exceedingly accurate. A dilution from 10 to 100 grammes takes less than 10 seconds.


The DILUMATIC-M2 can very quickly meter a pre-determined quan-tity of fluid into an arbitrary reservoir in a sterile manner, and is accurate to the last drop. (for example: bottle, test tube or dish)


When fitted with a universal weighing platform, the DILUMATIC M2 can be used as a weighing machine.


With an extra programme and a handgrip or a carrousel, the DILUMATIC M2 can be used for both manual and fully automatic sterile filling in series, test tubes, dishes or other reservoirs with a pre-determined quantity of fluid.

Dispensing with a pipette

With an extra programme and a handgrip, the DILUMATIC M2 can be used to take up a pre-determined quantity of fluid automatically from a reservoir using a pipette and subsequently deliver smaller, pre-determined quantities.